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2. Your Ad Message Advertising Calendar themes for Women

Is your audience mostly female?
These Promo Calendars will appeal to the softer at heart

• Kittens, Dog's and Pets to Recipes, Gardens and Flowers
• Inspiration and Motivational tips and quotes to Health Tips, Custom Homes and Interior Design
• many more fill out this wonderful promotional calendar collection

Sold Out Black History Black History As low as: 65¢ Sold Out
Catholic Inspiration Catholic Inspiration As low as: 65¢
Catholic Inspiration (Spanish-English bilingual) Catholic Inspiration (Spanish-English bilingual) As low as: 65¢
Sold Out Décor & Design Décor & Design As low as: 65¢ Sold Out
Dogs, Dogs, "Man's Best Friends" As low as: 65¢
Faith Passages Faith Passages As low as: 65¢
Sold Out Flowers & Gardens Flowers & Gardens As low as: 65¢ Sold Out
Go Green Go Green As low as: 65¢
Golf Tips  (Tips, Quips and Holes) Golf Tips (Tips, Quips and Holes) As low as: 65¢
Happy Hour Cocktails Happy Hour Cocktails As low as: 65¢
Health Tips Health Tips As low as: 65¢
Homes Homes As low as: 65¢
Sold Out Kittens Kittens As low as: 65¢ Sold Out
Living Healthy Living Healthy As low as: 65¢
Sold Out Motivation Motivation As low as: 65¢ Sold Out
Norman Rockwell - Memorable Images Norman Rockwell - Memorable Images As low as: 65¢
Pets Pets As low as: 65¢
Planet Earth Planet Earth As low as: 65¢
Recipes Recipes As low as: 65¢
Remember When Remember When As low as: 65¢
Smart Money Smart Money As low as: 65¢
Sun, Sand and Surf Sun, Sand and Surf As low as: 65¢
Sold Out Vintages Vintages As low as: 65¢ Sold Out
World Travel World Travel As low as: 65¢

Round out your promo calendar campaign with something for the ladies!

High quality promo calendars personalized for business advertising. Purchase in bulk or as few as 50 custom imprinted calendars.

MIX your theme selections to MATCH your audience
When the recipient of your promotional calendar has a choice of what theme they would like, he or she is more likely to give your calendar a promonent place in their business, home or office. Subliminally etching your brand in the minds of passersby 365 days a year.

Unbeatable Lowest Price business advertising calendars Our every day low as 65¢ price cannot be matched

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2. Your Ad Message

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