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2020 Promotional Calendar
Classic Cars

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The 2020 Promotional Calendar
''Classic Cars''
Features the timeless beauty of classic cars from various manufacturers through 13 images of Vintage automobiles restored to their original condition.

These quality wall calendars and stunning photos illustrate the beauty and style of the automobiles of the past.

Personalize your Classic Car Promotional Calendars with your logo, name and message. Promote your Company, Organization or Event for as little as 65¢!

Monthly Date Pads feature:
• large date squares for recipients to add appointments and other important events
• Major US Holidays.
• Major Canadian Holidays

Bonus - Free advertising within 50 miles of your location.
Take your wall calendars digital with PlumTree Calendar app available for Free on Google Play and the App Store.


Car calendars and PlumTree calendar app, a dynamic promotional advertising duo

Wall calendars get you in their home, the app lets you stay in touch.

Personalize your classic car promotional calendars with your Business, Organization or Event Name and Logo. Personally hand or mail to your exisiting customers to thank them for being a customer. Invite the people who receive your promotional calendar to install the free companion app for their mobile device as an added bonus.

Every wall calendar you distribute not only re-affirms your relationship with, or introduces you to; your customers. it also invites the recipient to get the same calendar for their phone or mobile device for free.

This is important to you and how you grow your business and promote your services. PlumTree gains you access to the broad and growing base of PlumTree calendar app users world wide.

List your business, post ads for just about anything you do or sell, reach potential customers within 50 miles of your location or event.

Position your business to reach farther and wider then ever before.
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Mix & Match this exceptional business promotional calendar with selections from our other advertising calendars, in order to best suit your customer or audience taste. The calendar they choose is the one they will hang.

Take advantage of the unique opportunitiy to digitally advertise your business or service on the mobile devices of shoppers in your vicinity for free.

10 tips to get the most from your promotional business calendars.

Printing Area

Calendar Specifications

  • Size Closed: 10⅝" x 10" [27 x 25.4 cm]
  • Binding: Stapled
  • Size Open: 10⅝" x 18⅝" [27 x 47 cm]
  • Imprint Area: 10" x 1⅝" [25.4 x 3.8 cm]
  • Weight: 3.46 oz [98 g]
  • Weight w/envelope: 4.02 oz [114 g]
  • Stock - cover: 8 pt coated
  • Stock - text: 60 lb Gloss paper stock

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