Business Calendars Advertising Tips shows you how to Win New Business!

business calendars

1. Reach New Customers with Business Calendars

One of the most powerful marketing approaches is called "Viral Marketing" where you tell two friends and they tell two friends, and so on. Give each of your current customer's extra promotional business calendars to pass on to their friends. This is a very strong personal referral to you.

personalized gift

2. Business Calendars Personalized as a Gift to Loyal Customers

Everyone can use a high-quality business calendar. This is a gift with real value. Personally hand to customers when they visit your business or mail to them.

appointment calendars

3. Replace Holiday Cards with an Appointment Calendar

A seasonal card is gone in a matter of weeks whereas your appointment calendar will remain in the home or office all year long. This year, try sending out personalized promo appointment calendars instead of cards priced as low as 65¢ each, that's half the cost of a holiday card and the value is so much greater.

promotional wall calendars

4. Display Promotional Wall Calendars in Public Places

Think of the community centers that would love to display your promotional wall calendars - town offices, libraries, arenas, hospitals, sports clubs, etc.

promo calendar

5. FREE Promo Calendar

Everyone loves to get an added bonus. Give a FREE promo calendar with a qualifying purchase.

advertising calendars

6. Advertising Calendars with Deliveries

Have your driver present advertising calendars with each delivery as your way of saying, "Thanks"

calendars for business

7. Calendars for Business over the Counter

Keep your calendars for business in sight at the checkout and ensure staff hand them to your customers, along with a friendly Thank You.

business promotional calendars

8. Blanket Your Area with Business Promotional Calendars

Use the post office, a delivery service, employees or even friends and family to blanket your local business area with your personalized promotional calendars. They get a free wall calendar and you get the cost effective advertising!

personalized calendars

9. Supply Local Businesses with Personalized Calendars

Just like you, your fellow business people use personalized calendars and would much prefer to get them free than have to buy them. They also have employees and customers who could patronize your business as well.

wall calendars

10. Donate Wall Calendars To Clubs

Are there clubs or associations in your area whose members could also be your customers? By supporting your local community with the donation of free wall calendars you are prospecting new customers. This is a Win-Win approach for everyone.

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