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Generate recognition for your Name, Image and Logo in your target area.

Personalized Calendars are a proven promotional item for Real Estate Professionals!

Choosing the right promotional item is crucial for real estate agents and brokers looking to make a lasting impression. Unlike fleeting digital ads or easily discarded leaflets, a personalized real estate agent calendar provides year-round advertisement at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing campaigns. Furthermore, excels in affordability and offers direct line-to-customer engagement.

Our real estate calendars are not just a tool for day-to-day planning; they’re a constant visual reminder of your brand in potential clients' homes and offices. This continuous exposure builds familiarity and trust with your target audience, making it more likely they'll turn to you when they're ready to buy or sell their home. By integrating your branding with a product that offers undeniable utility and longevity, you fortify your market presence and foster positive associations with your name.

A quality wall calendar printed with your name and logo hung in the homes of shoppers in your target area can support and enhance all advertising and marketing activities you utilize the entire year.

For as little as $0.65 insert your name and logo into the daily activities of customers and potential customers in your target area throughout the year.

Sun, Sand and Surf Sun, Sand and Surf As low as: 65¢
Vintages Vintages As low as: 65¢
Wildlife Portraits Wildlife Portraits As low as: 65¢
World Travel World Travel As low as: 65¢

How to best use your promotional calendars?

Promotional wall calendars generally have a perceived value of anywhere from $3-5 by recipients. This makes them an appreciated gift by existing clients. At a cost as low as 65¢ an affordable prospecting tool for you to reach potential clients in your target area.

When ordering be sure to order enough
Hand or send at least one calendar to every customer for whom you have a mailing address and/or expect to service face-to-face from Mid November through January.

*Note: a quality calendar is an appreciated gift any time of year not just around the New Year.

In addition, each year designate a geographical area that you want to target for potential new business.
Depending on the size of your target area and number of target addresses, either obtain a mailing list, then mail or hand deliver at least one calendar to every address in the area.

Bonus - Free advertising within 100 miles of your location.

The backs of all PCD calendars are printed with QR Code links to the mobile app version of PCD calendars, PlumTree Calendar.

PlumTree is both a stunning full function mobile calendar app, and vicinity/proximity based digital marketing platform where you advertise your business, products and services for free.

The app is available for Free for users and businesses on Google Play and the App Store.
You gain access to this free marketing platform by creating your business profile here...

Real Estate Calendars

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