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Wall Calendars with your logo build brand recognition in your target area.

Sport, Recreation and Outdoor Life Promo Wall Calendar collection!

• Breath-taking images of the best golf holes around the world and destination travel locations.

• Tranquil beaches and gardens, Country Life, fishing and hunting, Healthy Living and financial tips.

• Household pets and backyard birds, Wine regions and tips, Cocktail and Food recepes and more round out this popular collection.

A quality wall calendar printed with your name and logo hung in the homes of shoppers in your target area can support and enhance all advertising and marketing activities you utilize the entire year.

For as little as $0.65 annually, put your name and logo printed on an item referenced frequently in the homes of customers and potential customers in your target area for an entire year.

Country Spirit Country Spirit As low as: 65¢
Fishing & Hunting Fishing & Hunting As low as: 65¢
Sold Out Flowers & Gardens Flowers & Gardens As low as: 65¢ Sold Out
Sold Out Garden Birds Garden Birds As low as: 65¢ Sold Out
Golf Tips  (Tips, Quips and Holes) Golf Tips (Tips, Quips and Holes) As low as: 65¢
Sold Out Happy Hour Cocktails Happy Hour Cocktails As low as: 65¢ Sold Out
Sold Out Living Healthy Living Healthy As low as: 65¢ Sold Out
Sold Out Motivation Motivation As low as: 65¢ Sold Out
Pets Pets As low as: 65¢
Sold Out Recipes Recipes As low as: 65¢ Sold Out
Sold Out Remember When Remember When As low as: 65¢ Sold Out
Sold Out Sun, Sand and Surf Sun, Sand and Surf As low as: 65¢ Sold Out

How to get the most from your active life promotional wall calendars?

Promotional wall calendars generally have a perceived value of anywhere from $3-5 by recipients. This makes them an appreciated gift by existing clients. At a cost as low as 65¢ an affordable prospecting tool for you to reach potential clients.

When ordering be sure to order enough to hand or send at least one calendar to every customer for whom you have a mailing address and/or expect to service face-to-face from Mid November through January.
*Note: a quality calendar is an appreciated gift any time of year not just around the New Year.

In addition, each year designate a geographical area that you want to target for potential new business. Depending on the size of your target area and number of target addresses, either obtain a mailing list, then mail or hand deliver at least one calendar to every address in the area.

Bonus - Free advertising within 100 miles of your location.

The backs of all PCD calendars are printed with QR Code links to the mobile app version of PCD calendars, PlumTree Calendar.

PlumTree is both a stunning full function mobile calendar app, and a vicinity or proximity based digital marketing platform for you to advertise your business, products and services for free.

The app is available for Free on Google Play and the App Store.
You gain access to the marketing platform by creating your business profile here...

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