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2025 Business Promotional Calendar
Health Tips

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Features 13 inspiring images that will encourage all to adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

Accompanying image text provides seasonal health tips to promote wellness and get the most out of life.

Quality promotional calendars printed with your logo

and name generate awareness for your Brand in a target area.

Company Branded Calendars

are an inexpensive new business prospecting medium.

Inexpensive advertising calendars

are a great way to show your existing customers your appreciation for their business and loyalty.

Monthly Date Pads feature:
• large date squares for recipients to add appointments and important events
• Major US Holidays.
• Major Canadian Holidays


Why should I use promotional calendars to advertise my business?

Promotional Wall Calendars with your logo build brand recognition in your target area.

A quality wall calendar printed with your name and logo hung in the homes of shoppers in your target area can support and enhance all advertising and marketing activities you utilize for the entire year.

A wall calendar is hung and referenced by the homes occupants frequently throughout the year. Each time the occupant references their calendar they see your logo and company name. Over time this begins to generate a feeling of familiarity when your logo is seen elsewhere…

For as little as $0.65 annually, put your name and logo printed on an item referenced frequently in the homes of customers and potential customers; in your target area every day.

Bonus - Free mobile advertising within 100 miles of your location.

The backs of all PCD calendars are printed with QR Code links to the mobile app version of PCD calendars, PlumTree Calendar.

PlumTree is both a stunning full function mobile calendar app and vicinity, or proximity; based digital marketing platform where you list your business and promote your products and services for free.

PlumTree Calendar app is available Free on Google Play and the App Store.
You gain access to the marketing platform by creating your free business profile here...

Why should I use PromoCalendarsDirect as my provider?

  1. Reliability

Celebrating 50 years of experience servicing 100’s of thousands of satisfied clients we’ve learned a thing or two about promotional calendars, customer service and support.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee* – if you’re not happy with your calendars we will do what we can to make it right for you. 

  1. Quality

Our superior quality calendars are not “cheap promotional calendars” they are “inexpensive promotional calendars”

We design, publish and personalize wall calendars, that’s what we do and we do it better than anybody else. Our papers are of the finest quality made from North American sourced timber. All production, printing and bindery is undertaken in North America using the latest technology and most up to date equipment.

Producing over 30,000,000 quality calendars annually.

  1. Flexibility

We understand that no one calendar theme can suit the taste of all people.

That’s why we encourage clients to Mix their calendar theme selections to best Match their recipients interests in quantities as few as 25 per theme.

No other promotional calendar provider offers this level of flexibility.

  1. Value

The promotional calendar may be the most cost effective advertising medium available to businesses of any size, small, medium or large.

In building brand recognition, impressions are the key, for an entire year of your brand exposure the cost per impression amounts to fractions of a penny per impression.

With a unit cost low as 65¢ per calendar the competition simply cannot beat our price or match value.

  1. Reach

When you buy your imprinted business promotion calendars from Promo Calendars Direct you not only receive top quality printed wall calendars but your business is listed in PCD’s digital calendar app, a popular and growing digital version of the PCD line of calendars.

PlumTree is more than just a calendar app however, PlumTree is also a vicinity/proximity based digital marketing platform for small businesses to promote their business, products, services and expertise for Free.

Claim your free business listing and post free ads to the growing community of PlumTree calendar users in your neighborhood.

10 tips to get the most from your promotional business calendars.

Printing Area

Calendar Specifications

  • Size Closed: 10⅝" x 10" [27 x 25.4 cm]
  • Binding: Stapled
  • Size Open: 10⅝" x 18⅝" [27 x 47 cm]
  • Imprint Area: 10" x 1⅝" [25.4 x 3.8 cm]
  • Weight: 3.46 oz [98 g]
  • Weight w/envelope: 4.02 oz [114 g]
  • Stock - cover: 8 pt coated
  • Stock - text: 60 lb Gloss paper stock

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