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2019 - Pets and Animals
Promotional Calendar

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The Household Pets and Animals Promotional Calendars feature 13 adorable images of personal pets that come in all shapes and sizes

Personalize your Pets and Animals Promotional Wall Calendars and promote your Company, Organization or Event Name, Logo and Advertising Message for as little as 65¢!

Pets and Animals Promo Calendar monthly Date Pads feature:
• Large date squares for recipients to add appointments and other important events.
• US Holidays
• Canadian Holidays

Featured in PlumTree Calendar app available for Free on Google Play and the App Store

How to use your Personalized Household Pet Calendars

Promotional Calendars, are the most cost effective promo gift item there is. No other Promotional Item can compare to its cost per day value to you, or daily usefulness to its recipient. Your Personalized Pet Calendars will remain in the home or office an entire year. This year, try sending out Personalized Pets and Animals Calendar with your Business, Organization or Event Name, Logo and Message instead of Holiday cards. They can be as little as 1/2 the cost and the perceived value is so much greater.

Personally hand your Personalized Pets and Animals Promo Calendar to your existing customers to show your appreciation for their business. Target a specific neighborhood or area and blanket the area with your Personalized Pets Promotional Calendar to drum up new business. It's better than a post card or flyer; it lasts all year !!

When your Custom Imprinted Pets and Animals Calendar is placed in high traffic areas, your name and ad message is seen by everyone who passes by; subliminally etching your business or organization's name in the viewers' mind.

Mix & Match this exceptional Advertising Calendar with selections from our other Promotional Wall Calendar collections, in order to best suit your customer and prospect audience's tastes.

Personalize your Pets and Animals Promo Calendars with your Company, Organization or Event name, logo and advertising message As Low As 65¢

10 tips to get the most from your promotional business calendars.

Printing Area

Calendar Specifications

  • Size Closed: 10⅝" x 10" [27 x 25.4 cm]
  • Binding: Stapled
  • Size Open: 10⅝" x 18⅝" [27 x 47 cm]
  • Imprint Area: 10" x 1⅝" [25.4 x 3.8 cm]
  • Weight: 3.46 oz [98 g]
  • Weight w/envelope: 4.02 oz [114 g]
  • Stock - cover: 8 pt coated
  • Stock - text: 60 lb Gloss paper stock

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